Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ASK ART - For your Crocodile Bay Questions

I am trying to decide between the standard boat package and the tower boat package. What is the main difference between the standard boat and the tower boat package?

For the Standard Boat Package, our most common boat is the Boston Whaler Outrage, a twin outboard engine 24fter, capable of inshore or offshore fishing, having a very stable ride and it is a quick boat. They go offshore or inshore easily. Offshore, mate is available if you request one. We also have other smaller inshore standard boats, depending on what you want to fish for, and for getting closer to shore and fly-fishing. We recommend one, two or three anglers on these boats. Our larger inshore fish like deep water. Either class of boats can fish inshore deep water or offshore. The Standard boat is better for targeting smaller fish and close to shore fishing.
For the Tower Boat Package, we have both the 33 ft Strikes and the 32 ft Boston Whaler. Our fishing director in all cases chooses the boat depending on your fishing goals and availability. We have ten of these big boats and during our busier weeks, all will be in use. These bigger boats give a smoother ride and my clients tell me they catch more sailfish and marlin than on the standard boats. These boats will take any number from two to four anglers. The Strikes are workhorses, with plenty of room and two configurations: one with a hatch and forward cabin for a lie-down if needed and the other with a large awning covered seating area in the center of the boat. The newer Boston Whaler 32 has the smoothest ride for a boat that size due to an advanced hull design and custom designed topside comfort features, including padded seats and bolsters. All offshore boats have wide outriggers for setting 4 lines out most of the time, with both teasers and live bait as the captains see fit.

In the standard boat package, the brochure describes the fishing as offshore, inshore, and estuary fishing your choice. Does that mean each day you choose and do a different fishing each day? Can you if you choose do all one type say, all three days of offshore with the standard package?

You have your own boat and captain so you decide what you want to do. You determine what fish you want to target, and that determines where you fish. It's the same charge for the boat to go inshore or offshore, and you can fish each day in one place, or switch each day as you like. We will even let you fish offshore in the AM and fish inshore on your way back in. We ask you to determine what you want to do before you arrive, so our Fishing Director can reserve boats and their captains, and plan how to use his resources.

However, we realize that people can change their mind, as long as we have 24 hours notice so we can get the boat ready properly. That means giving notice the morning before the day you would be fishing. The more advance notice you give us the happier we all are and you will get our best.

If we select the tower boat package and weather becomes an issue and the boats cannot go out is there an alternative?

At Crocodile Bay, we are in a tropic climate with a temperature range between 70 and 90 degrees all the time. It is T-shirts, shorts or swim trunks and sandals all the time. The rain we get comes from tall tower clouds with rain that comes straight down and then ends in an hour or so. These clouds build up over the day and dump in the afternoon or evening, almost all the time. The temperature of the rain is warm and you never get a chill. You get wet, you get dry, and it does not stop you from doing anything. It is a rainforest, after all. You will find sunny skies every morning, and when you go fishing, your captain will most likely be able to circle around the rain in the wide ocean offshore or even inshore, on the 30 mile by 15 mile Golfo Dulce. You may have a better chance of getting rain on land than on the water. The fish don’t know it’s raining!

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