Friday, December 5, 2008

Todd Staley, Fishing Director

Pictured Above - Todd Staley with Colts Field Goal Kicker Adam Vinatieri

There is one person at Crocodile Bay Resort who is like no other. A legend in his own time, he has more people who call him friend than anyone I know. I have had anglers tell me that they want his job, until I tell them that he works 24/7 during the high season, from predawn until all boats in. Todd Staley is the Fishing Director at Crocodile Bay and on an average day in season, he manages a fleet of over 30 to 40 boats out, inshore and offshore. While those boats are out, he is tending to the preparations for the next day’s fishing. He is the type that does not say much but every word means something and you lean in to hear it. He can bark out an order to a Captain and in the next moment patiently explain something to a rookie angler. He has weathered tough times and persevered like a ship coming into port after riding out a storm. He has had full careers on many coasts, owned many a boat and his own fishing charter service. In the off-season, it is a full-time job servicing and maintaining the fleet to be in tiptop shape for the next opening, testing out new boats just bought re-hiring and selecting new hires and training the next year’s captains.

With all the work, there is still no one who wants Todd’s job more than Todd. If you know the man, you know he lives and breathes fishing and has more fishing lore stored in him than he could ever tell or teach anyone. His fishing reports and articles are always well written and damn interesting besides educational. He writes as he talks, when he has something to say. In everything he does, he lives his simple philosophy, “Underpromise and overdeliver”.

You can read Todd Staley’s articles under the “Fishing Info” tab on our website-


Anonymous said...

That Todd Staley is so boss!

Anonymous said...

Thats my uncle! Haha