Friday, February 13, 2009

The most OUTSTANDING fishing I've ever had

Dear Fishing Director Todd Staley, Capt. Anthony & First Mate Eider -

Just want to thank you once more for the most

OUTSTANDING fishing I've ever had.

I landed my first marlin, pompano, roosterfish, broomtail grouper,

jack crevalle, blue jack, some nice dorado,

and my largest sailfish ever this year (and 23 more to boot!).

After over 30 years of trying, Audie not only landed his first sail

but caught SEVEN more.... he was in the clouds.

You guys really know what you're doing & run a world class operation.

I know you can't enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed the trip,

but here they are. Thanks again ...I'll be back!

- Mark Doolittle

Kay Doolittle Adds the Following:

We still love the whole Crocodile Bay experience.

It far exceeds anything else we've done in travel:

~ Fishing was above & beyond anything we've seen prior. All boat were clean & well maintained with excellent crews. Anthony & Eider were a dynamic duo. Anthony's chatty (in English) & Eider moves like the Green Hornet. Suspect Anthony gets his gab from Mom, Olimpia, who's now managing the front desk area. Todd & Ricardo really took care of Mark when he booked an extra day of fishing (we went out with Edwin that day - another excellent captain.)

~ CB's Spa continues to amaze! It's so modern, elegant & professional! The power went out a couple times during my facial (I was able to exchange the coupon since I don't "do massages"). The technician, Delmise just kept on going by candlelight & she didn't skip a beat. Mark said he felt wonderful after his very first Swedish Massage & will be going back to the spa again next trip. Mark would definately like to come back next year for the same length of time.

~ The almond trees in arboretum area lining the road to the pier seem to be attracting lots of scarlet macaws & lesser parrots. Also saw white faced monkeys eating water apples within close sight of that road in the mornings while walking. Enjoyed toucans & iguanas & even a Basilisk/"Jesus Christ" lizard or two right on the grounds without even having to hunt them out.

~ The switch from buffet to menu was an excellent idea. Not nearly as wasteful for the lodge; served INdoors (which I prefer) where it's clean & cool, and the offerings are varied and nicely prepared. I ate both raw & grilled fish all but one night, but no matter what one ordered, you were sure to be served cheerfully & professionally with a plate that looked AND tasted delicious. All three of us agreed the menu format is a lot easier on the waistline too!

~ Other folks partaking in eco tours were elated with their experiences. You were right about our rooms - they were THE BEST! Housekeeping staff is fastidious and acommodating. As always, we thank you VERY much, Art, for taking such good care of us.

Pura Vida,

Kay Doolittle

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