Thursday, February 12, 2009

To say the trip met all our expectations would be an understatement

I travelled to Crocodile Bay in February of last year ('08) and had an excellent time - and told everyone about the trip. Several months after my return, my friend’s wife asked me more about the trip and I referred her to your web site.

Her husband and I are regular fishing buddies here in New York and she wanted to give him a special gift for his 50th birthday - a trip to Costa Rica. Despite my protests, she insisted that I accompany him on the trip because she felt her lack of enthusiasm for fishing might detract from his adventure.
Since it is "fishing" and not "catching" I was worried whether the trip would live up to her expectations (and his). Needless to say, I said my prayers because I was the one who had recommended CBL.

From our arrival at the airport, to the staff at the lodge and ultimately to the outstanding week of fishing with Capt. Edwin and his mate Adrian, we could not have asked for a better time.

In fact, if we were actually able to wish for fishing results, we never could have reasonably wished for how well we actually did. Over the five fishing days, we raised 51 sailfish, releasing 18 -

raised 2 dorado, ate 1 -

raised 2 blue marlin, released 1 at 250lbs. and raised and released 1 black marlin at approx 500lbs.

56 fish raised/21 caught(released) - in much less than 50 total hours of fishing - unbelievable!

To say the trip met all our expectations would be an understatement. You also fulfilled my friend's birthday wish

- to have an off-shore fishing expedition to always remember.
You should be proud of the staff you have compiled, from the drivers in San Jose to everyone at the lodge, they were all friendly, helpful and most of all accommodating.

Some particular standouts were Flory and Maria in the dining room,

Olympia and Markus at the front desk and most of all Edwin and Adrian who knew the trip was a birthday present and worked their asses off to ensure a successful week.

And to Todd, who predicted that we would land a marlin for my friend's birthday on the day we actually landed the first and largest one - unbelievable.

I have enclosed a DVD of raw photos and video footage from the trip. Feel free to use them for your site, etc. Thanks again and I hope to return to the CBL for yet another excellent stay!!!

Very truly yours,

Gerry Chiariello

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